Summer Program

EPiC Summer at NCCHRThe Emory Pipeline Collaborative (EPiC) summer experience is a six-week residential program to improve academic achievement and college readiness. EPiC's rising juniors and rising seniors will live on campus at Emory University and participate in coursework, career seminars, mentoring, and social activities. The experience will help students to:

  • increase academic achievement in high school and prepare for success in college courses
  • prepare for college by increasing skills and self-confidence in: applying to college and financial aid, strategies for academic success, creating an academic plan that prepares students for careers in the health sciences.
  • discover pathways to different health careers, and increase students' confidence in becoming successful health professionals.

The summer residential component of EPiC is a unique program that recognizes that college success is determined in a large part by the student’s ability to learn holistically. Therefore, our program stresses the importance of renaissance or interdisciplinary study. Our curriculum is structured to develop our student’s overall learning skills while developing an awareness of their unique cultural identity as a developing scholar.

Daytime Classes

Biology - Designed by Dr. Gillian Hue, Emory University Biology Labs, this biology course highlights cells, humans and animal biology. Students will experience biology in the classroom, lab and field.

Critical Thinking - The foundation of college education, as exhibited in the SAT’s verbal component: students must gain the ability to critically read and engage in a variety of writings, including scientific, socio-cultural, and political texts. Students will be exposed to the academic analytical writing protocol of college/technical coursework.

Chemistry - A basic component of any scientific career required by many college programs as an elementary requirement of all first and second year students. This course is designed to challenge, enrich, and expose students to a rigorous college level Introductory Chemistry course. Students will design their own research projects and will have the opportunity to scientifically present their projects to their peers as well as the EPiC faculty and staff.

Mathematics - The EPiC mathematics course designed by Dr. Curtis Goings and Mr. Cedric Suttle (former PREP Scholar), seeks to introduce scholars to college mathematics with a distinctive twist for new mathematical theory. In previous years students have learned the Knot theory and the role of mathematics in aeronautical science.

Scientific Writing - Designed by Dr. Kimbria Brown, Atlanta Public Schools graduate, Emory PREP Scholar and Emory Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship recipient. The key to success in academia relies on the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Science relies on the ability to provide research and results that are reproducible. Through faculty guidance, practice, and peer evaluation students will learn how to effectively write and communicate in a scientific language. After the successful completion of the scientific writing course, students will be able to professionally communicate findings of independently and cooperatively developed and conducted research.

Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) Preparation & Practice

Simulated Clinical Experiences- Under the direction of Alecia Robinson, EPiC Clinical Skills Coordinator, rising seniors will experience simulated clinical exposure and hands on activities in a safe and controlled environment. Through the use of standardized patients and simulators, student will have the opportunity to interact with “patients” and observe healthcare providers providing care in a state of the art facility. Students will be introduced to and operate low-tech task trainers, sophisticated human patient simulators, and virtual reality equipment for surgical techniques. They will also participate in workshops, such as suturing and basic life skills training.

Evening/Weekend Seminars and Workshops

During the week, scholars will participate in evening seminars designed to expose them to the writings and philosophies of major African American and other minority intellectuals, and interests with the framework of the W.E. B. DuBois argument of the “Talented Tenth.” Students will also participate in workshops designed to prepare them for the college admissions process and enhance their life skills. Students are required to watch the Evening News, read the New York Times, USA Today and AJC on a daily basis.

EPiC Summer Thank You