The “White Coats for Black Lives” vigil knelt in silence for 8 minutes and 46 seconds — the length of time George Floyd suffered under the knee of the Minneapolis police officer charged with his murder. Spearheaded by students in the School of Medicine, similar events were held simultaneously on campus and at Emory hospitals.

Led by District 3 representative Larry Johnson and spurred on by a group of Emory University medical students, the Board of Commissioners adopted the resolution.

What We're Doing

The Faculty Academic Advancement, Leadership and Inclusion (FAALI) team defines and measures the equity, diversity and inclusion programs within the SOM. FAALI works with our Office of Multicultural Affairs to ensure we're making good on our commitments to continuous recruitment and retention, cultivating a climate of inclusion, and offering engagement and development programs that positively impact our community.

The School of Medicine has developed an anti-racism resource guide to help address the need for our collective education, engagement, and growth. While diversity, equity, and inclusion have been championed in several areas, there is more work to be done.

In our commitment against racism, hate, and injustice we have created a series of webinars and trainings to support intercultural fluencies and frank conversations through humble inquiry. The series explores the significance of Juneteenth, the African-American experience, bias in clinical decision making, COVID-19 in the African-American community and much more.

Acknowleding our past. Empowering out future. Emory School of Medicine honors, acknowledges, recognizes, and celebrates African American physicians for their leadership, scholarship, and service. This interactive timeline was created in partnership with Emory Libraries.

Aaron Lee turns passion into action on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council Staff Story

Aaron Lee, MSHRM, MBA, PHR, human resources administrator for the Department of Medicine, also served as a panelist for the recent Anti-racism Advocacy for Structural and Systemic Change webinar.

Daeja Hamm is committed to paying it forward Student Story

Second year Emory medical student Daeja Hamm is committed to paying it forward and supporting black women in medicine today and in years to come.

Departmental Programming

Many departments in the School of Medicine have dedicated diversity, equity and inclusion programs to support learners, faculty and staff. Explore your department’s resources.

Events, Programs, and Affinity Groups

Hamilton E. Holmes Memorial Lecture Faculty, Staff & Learners

Annual lecture series named for the first African-American to enter and graduate from Emory University School of Medicine

Group supporting women faculty and trainees through education, advocacy, mentoring, and networking

Emory Medical Alliance (EMA) Faculty & Current Students

Group that provides education and exposure to topics of LGBT health, mentorship with LGBT physicians, and service opportunities to support the local LGBT community

Chapter committed to supporting medical school students of color, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of culturally competent and socially conscious physicians

Provides mentoring, networking, and stipend support for URiM, fourth-year students from U.S. Medical Schools pursuing careers in Internal Medicine and its subspecialties.

AHP is a student-led group that aims to establish and sustain an environment of inclusion and acceptance for all graduate and undergraduate health professional students, especially underrepresented students in medicine, by building support and unity.

HealthPREP at Emory Prospective Students

Eight-week residential program for underrepresented undergraduate and graduate students interested in applying to medical school.

Emory Revisited Prospective Students

Weekend event during which underrepresented minority students accepted to the School of Medicine return to campus to meet with faculty and students and learn more about us.

EmPREP is a series of learning resources, tips, and tools that provide insights to undergraduate students (and the faculty/staff members who support and advise these students), on the many stages of the medical school admissions process.

EMPACT Mentoring Program Prospective Students

The purpose of the EMPACT is to provide students who self-identify as an underrepresented in medicine (URM) and/or those who may come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with experiences that foster timely and successful matriculation through medical school.

Summer Science Academy Prospective Students

Program designed to heighten ninth and tenth grade students' interest in science, introduce careers in healthcare, and reinforce fundamental principles of science

Three-year federally funded mentorship program to prepare high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds for entry into health professions