24,330 alumni

We have 6,033 medical school alumni, 6,453 health professions alumni, and 11,844 residency/fellowship alumni. Approximately 25% of the doctors in Georgia trained here.

495 postdoctoral fellows

In basic science and clinical training and research

9,867 participants in Continuing Medical Education fiscal year 2018

To facilitate the continued professional development of physicians and other healthcare professionals

4.7 million patient service visits in fiscal year 2018

Our physician faculty see patients in Emory's own facilities as well as in affiliate teaching hospitals and outpatient venues throughout the state.

$456.3 million amount received by faculty in sponsored research funding in fiscal year 2018

We are best known for our work in infectious disease, brain health, cancer, transplantation, orthopedics, pediatrics, renal disease, ophthalmology, and geriatrics.