Welcome to the Workshop/Seminar Committee Web Site


The goal of our committee is to help provide on campus workshops and seminars

for Emory postdocs.  Please pass along any suggestions for future workshop topics to the committee chair.




Our Committee Members:


Megan M. Mitzelfelt (co-chair)

Jeremiah D. Mitzelfelt (co-chair)


Helena Gong

Jing Huang

Juliya Kalinina

Yoskaly Lazo Fernandez

Yuancheng Li

Ying Liu

Michael K. Scullin

Tiffany Thai

Brandi M. Wynne

Wendy M. Zinzow-Kramer





Past Members:


-          Carrie Williams

-          Praveen Amancha

-          Carla Alvarez

-          Cherie Rooks

-          Wei Han

-          Karla Passalacqua

-          Brian Crawford

-          Ayan Banerjee

-          Ying Liu

-          Tiffany Thai

-          Ying Wang

-          Juliya Kalinina




OPE Fall 2011 EVENTS:



03/Tuesday                 How to apply for a Job in Industry, Cover letters, Resumes, Reviews

            Time: 3:15 -5PM         Room: SOM_120

09/Wednesday           Ethics Course III (Pre-registration required)

Time: 3-5:30PM          Room: SOM_153A

15/Tuesday                 Brown Bag Workshop

            Time: 12-1PM             Room: SOM_153A

21/Monday                 Ethics Course IV (Pre-registration required)

Time: 3-5:30PM          Room: SOM_153A


            01/Thursday              Career Development Awards in Academia

            Time: 3-5pm                Room: SOM_120


15/Thursday              How to Apply for a Job in Academia, Cover letters, CVs, Reviews

Time: 2-4pm                Room: SOM_110

15/Thursday             Postdoctoral Holiday Social

            Time: 4 - 6pm              Room: SOM Lobby





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