Research Resources at Emory

Core Labs and Services

Within the Emory research enterprise is a vast array of clinical and research buildings that houses 27 departments and centers. To support research Emory has developed a large number of Core Laboratories that offer specialized services to faculty and trainees including postdoctoral fellows. Using these core facilities offers postdoctoral fellows and their laboratories an efficient and time saving way to expand research into specialized areas and methods that would normally take months to years of training on the part of the Postdoc.

Below are the links to the many Core Labs and Services offered by Emory

Research Related Committees/Offices

There are offices directly supportive of research of faculty and trainees and also those that insure compliance of University research with federal regulations. Below are links of such offices that are related to the policies and regulations of your research. For submission of a grant application, two of these committees/offices (IACUC and IRB) may have to review and approve your proposal before submission to the granting agency.

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) -  federal and university regulations on the use and care of animals in research

Human Investigations Committee/Internal Review Board (IRB) -  federal and university regulations on the involvement of human subjects in research and their informed consent

Office of Technology Transfer -   federal, state, and university regulations on the licensing and patenting of research discoveries of Emory employees and trainees

Office of Research Administration – interfaces with the Emory research community and major funding agencies such as the NIH, NSF, etc.

Environmental Health and Safety Office – use of hazardous biological, chemical and radioactive materials training and regulations

Research Information and Literature Resources

Below are important links to sources of literature available at or through Emory University libraries and others to support your research. There is a vast amount of information on the web other than these links though these will serve as initial links for your searches.

Health Sciences Center Library The Woodruff Health Sciences Center Library offers a wide range of unique services and programs that aim to optimize research, education, and clinical care processes throughout the Woodruff Health Sciences Center with reliable and sustainable access to and utilization of data, information and knowledge.

PubMed -  National Library of Medicine searchable access to MEDLINE, GenBank DNA and protein sequence, complete genome and other databases 

Web of Science -  info on journal impact factors, paper citation indexes and more

eBIRT - biomedical interactive resource tool