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The Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology exists to:

  • Discover and understand the nature and behavior of cancers and hematologic diseases,
  • Lead the application of scientific knowledge to the care of patients,
  • Teach others about these diseases and the care of those who suffer from them, and
  • Serve the community by providing health care of the highest quality.


Hematology and Medical Oncology will be a national leader in the development and delivery of fundamental new treatments that change patients’ lives.


  1. Excellence - our science, our service, and our stewardship will perform to their full potential
  2. Compassion - people depend on us who have great and diverse needs.  We will always be mindful of their situation.
  3. Teamwork - together we can do more, learn more, and serve better than we can apart.

To view the 2009-2010 Department of Hematology & Medical Oncology Annual Report, click here