Admission to the Master of Medical Science in Anesthesia program is based on a combination of academic performance and an evaluation of non-cognitive characteristics such as professionalism, maturity, compassion, respect, passion for learning, leadership and motivation for providing healthcare.  The Admissions Committee will review a candidate’s personal characteristics and experiences, in addition to academic information. The Admissions Committee will also review all complete applications, transcripts, test scores, essay, co-curricular and health-related activities, recommendation letters and results of the interview to determine which candidates should be offered admission. There is no one component of the application that will guarantee a candidate an interview or an offer of admission.

 All Applicants should have:

  • Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university in the United States or Canada, including above average performance in required premed prerequisite coursework.  A “C” or better is required in all prerequisites courses. Online science programs and pre-med prerequisite courses completed at institutions accredited by one of the following accreditation agencies will be accepted.  
  • Minimum GPA 2.8 or better –  GPA of  3.1 or better is preferred
  • Applicants must complete all prerequisite courses prior to matriculation, with a cumulative GPA of 3.1 or higher. It is required that applicants receive a grade of C or better in all required prerequisite courses.
  • No more than four required prerequisite courses in progress at the time of application (needed courses may be completed at any local two or four year accredited institution).
  • Competitive GRE scores (>=55th percentile in each section and >=4.0 in the writing section)-



Applicants interested the EARLY consideration cycle should have:

Note: Applications that do not meet or exceed these criteria will not be processed or considered for EARLY review.


  • MCAT (500 or better -scoring >=125 in the science sections) -
  • No more than two required prerequisite courses in progress at the time of application.
  • A complete online application submitted before the early application deadline date (See admissions calendar for specific deadline dates).
  • International applicants must achieve permanent resident status a year prior to applying to the Emory AA Program. 

Other Required Items:

  • Substitutions are not permitted, and survey courses are not acceptable. For those courses that have been repeated, the highest grade received should be reported. C grades will be accepted, but are not preferred in prerequisite courses.
  • If you do not have a science/math or clinical setting background, prerequisite courses older than 7 years should be revisited.
  • Reporting grades received accurately in both applications is pertinent. Emory will not recalculate GPAs.
  • GRE or MCAT Scores: Test scores must have been earned within five years of the application deadline (for more information, visit the sites above). It is preferred that full official test scores must be reported at the time of application submission in CASAA (only official scores will be verified). The highest scores earned by an applicant should be reported on the application. Scores from different exams will not be combined.  GRE/MCAT scores can be sent electronically from ETS or AAMC. Contact the agency to have your score/s released to CASAA, and our program will access your scores from your application. If you take the exams after you submit your application, log back in and update the test section so that CASAA can receive your official scores. Note: Your application will not be considered complete and ready for review until an official GRE/MCAT score has been received and verified. 
  • References: A minimum of three reference forms are required (uploaded in CASAA).

Reference forms or letters of recommendation should be submitted by faculty, advisors, school administrators, employers or others who can speak to your academic ability and personal character as they relate to your pursuit of the Anesthesia Assistant profession. Family members and/or friends of the family are not recommended. References are considered confidential material; information provided on reference forms or in letters of recommendation will not be shared with the applicant (information regarding the status of your application will not be shared with references; individuals should contact the applicant directly for updates).

  1. Following up with references, testing services and institutions for pending items is the sole responsibility of the applicant. The program office will not make contact with those agencies on your behalf.
  2. An Items received checklist will be sent electronically once an online Emory supplemental application and fees are received and processed in the AA Program Office (all documents received and processed will drop to the bottom of your Items checklist). Items received will not be verified over the phone.
  3. Applicants will be updated of items received and processed timely manner, please check CASAA and Gmail email accounts regularly.


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