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House Staff Policies and Procedures Manual

Medical education is divided into three major components including undergraduate medical education, graduate medical education and continuing medical education. Each component provides physicians with the requisite knowledge and skills to be an effective practitioner in the art and sciences of medicine.

Pursuant to the educational mission of the Emory University, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Board of Trustees is responsible for the maintenance of the undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs within the School of Medicine.

The Board of Trustees of the Woodruff Health Sciences Center, the Executive Vice President for Health Affairs of the Emory University and the Dean of the Emory University School of Medicine affirm their commitment and support, on behalf of the faculty and staff, to the Graduate Medical Education Program at Emory University.

Emory University School of Medicine is committed to providing quality graduate medical education through its residency training programs. The major functions of the programs are education, patient care, and research. The programs are administered for the School of Medicine by the Office of Graduate Medical Education (OGME) and the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).

The purpose of this House Staff Policies and Procedures Manual is to provide residents and fellows ("residents") participating in Emory University School of Medicine's Graduate Medical Education with a general understanding of the policies and procedures governing the training programs. The policies and procedures described in the Manual supersede and replace all prior and published and unpublished policies and procedures. While the information provided in this Manual should help familiarize and inform residents about the training programs, it cannot detail every situation or answer every question. Neither this manual nor any provision in this manual constitutes a contract. Emory University must demonstrate flexibility in the administration of its policies and procedures and reserves the right to revise them without notice when such action is deemed necessary. Emory University shall interpret all provisions of this Manual, and its interpretations shall be final and binding.

Residents with questions or comments regarding information contained in this manual should contact their Program Director or the OGME.

The Office of Graduate Medical Education is located in Suite 327 of the School of Medicine Building, 1648 Pierce Drive. The Office serves as the principle administrative office for all residency programs. A partial list of the services offered to residents include: