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Current House Staff and HSO

About the House Staff Organization:

The Housestaff Organization (HSO) is the designated organization which represents all residents and fellows in graduate medical education training programs at Emory University School of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals. The Organization is available to seek resolutions to issues that cannot be resolved within the training program, and will present and advocate Housestaff concerns to appropriate Graduate Medical Education, University, Hospital administrators, and other related parties.

Additionally, we coordinate with the graduate medical education office on advocacy, social, and other activities.

Housestaff organization is a strong advocate on behalf of the residents and fellows on salary and benefit issues.

All residents and fellows are automatic members of the HSO and are all welcome at all HSO meetings.

Emory House Staff Organization Officers: 

Mike Kassin, MD PGY 3, Radiology -

Lead VP of Community:
Annie Morrison, PGY4 Pathology - 

VP of Community:
Katie St Germain, PGY3 Radiology - 
Katie Shaffer, PGY3 Internal Medicine - 
Frank Corrigan, PGY4 Cardiology - 
Jose Rosa, PGY1 Emergency Medicine - 
Harjot Singh PGY2 Emergency Medicine - 

VP of Medical Innovation:
Jordan Amadio PGY5 Neurosurgery - 

VP Medical Device Innovation:
Michael Shumski, PGY4 Ophthalmology - 

VP of Communications:
Natasha Demehri PGY3 Emergency Medicine - 

VP of Technology:
Christina Saikus, PGY3 Thoracic Surgery-Integrated - 

VP of Twitter:
John Lyons, PGY2 Surgery - 

VP of Graduate Medical Education Policy:
Ivan DeQuesada PGY5 Radiology - 

VP of Policy:
Michael Kayatta PGY4, Thoracic Surgery-Integrated -  
Shikha Kapil, PGY1 Emergency Medicine - 

VP of Resident Relations:
Nick Panella PGY3 Otolaryngology -
Robert Runner, PGY2 Orthopaedics -
Shawnay Mazell, PGY3 Neurology -
Ben DeMoss, PGY5 Cardiology - 

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