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Unpaid Internship Program

Unpaid Research Internship Programs are established to enhance the educational experience of a trainee and provide experience in clinical research, which could include interaction with human participants in a clinical or non-clinical setting. This procedure applies to the School of Medicine and the School of Nursing. This procedure does NOT apply to the following:

  1. Students currently enrolled in an Emory University course or degree program. These individuals may volunteer or intern if allowed and approved by their Schools and Departments, and if they are currently enrolled during the semester in process (Fall, Spring, or Summer). Emory students who are not enrolled in the semester in process (i.e., those on holiday or summer breaks), must follow the Unpaid Internship Program process.
  2. Those volunteering in a laboratory setting only who will have no clinical exposure (including to patient records). Those individuals should instead fill out the Emory University “Volunteer in Research Lab Registration Form” through the Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO).
  3. Those participating solely as a clinical observer. Faculty interested in hosting an observer should follow the requirements of the hospital or clinical area in which they work.

    NOTE: Emory policy prohibits non Emory students under the age of 18 in laboratory areas: .

In the early phases of an Internship the Intern may only shadow a faculty member or research team member. With appropriate training and close supervision, the intern may progress to tasks that may be deemed minimal work. The Interns will not be credentialed or insured to work independently or have unsupervised contact with patients/participants. The intern can never be used to fill regular staffing needs. Any Department or Unit may establish a research internship program as part of their educational mission, although unpaid interns are not allowed at the VAMC. To request to establish a program, use the process and forms below:

 Grady Observership Forms