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Numerous resources for existing Emory faculty and staff can be found below and at the associated links.


Request for Letters of Support and/or Institutional Matching Funds

Acknowledging that some funding agencies require matching fund explicitly and for others matching funds might make the application more competitive, the School of Medicine has a formal matching funds request process for large interdisciplinary grants.  Please complete all sections of the LOS Request Tool , attach a draft of the letter of support, and send to the Executive Administrator for Research Programs and Operations - Lisa Carlson - for review with the dean and committee. 

The application for letters of support and/or matching funds is due no less than one month prior to the agency due date. 


Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) Exceptions

The Cost Accounting Standards (CAS) establish principles for determining costs applicable to grants, contracts, and other agreements with educational institutions. Exceptions to this regulation are commonly called CAS exceptions.


Completing a VA MOU

The VA MOU is a federally required document that must be completed by all Emory faculty who are also employees of the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) and who engage in federally funded research at either or both institutions that is routed through Emory. You can find details on this page.


The Unpaid Internship Program

Unpaid Research Internship Programs are established to enhance the educational experience of a trainee and provide experience in clinical research, which could include interaction with human participants in a clinical or non-clinical setting. Interns can never be used to fill regular staffing needs. Any Department or Unit may establish a research internship program as part of their educational mission, although unpaid interns are not allowed at the VAMC. To request to establish a program, use the process and forms found at this link.


Data Transfer Agreements

Data Transfer Agreements (DTAs) are used to transfer human subject data from one institution to another for research purposes.  Only those individuals authorized to sign on behalf of Emory University may sign agreements that legally bind the University. All DTAs must be forwarded to the appropriate department for review and approval. You can find details on Outgoing DTAs, Incoming DTAs, and policies here.


Fixed Fee Residual Balance Transfer Requests

Requests to transfer residual balances can be made through the SOM Office of Fiscal Affairs. Forms can be found at


Process for PI Transfers - Allowing Grants to Remain at Emory

In certain circumstances, a PI may wish to leave a grant at Emory and remain PI, even after he or she has transferred to a new institution. Although such cases are expected to be rare, the PI may follow the process found here. The departing PI should begin this process at least four (4) months prior to the date of departure to ensure adequate time to complete all required steps.  


Equipment Relinquishment to a Departing Faculty Member

All equipment purchased with Emory funds, i.e., using an Emory SpeedType, is the property of Emory University.  If certain conditions are met, the Department Chair and Dean may, at their option, agree to allow a departing investigator to transfer equipment purchased at Emory to another academic institution. Conditions for approval can be found here.


SOM PI Eligibility Policy

The School of Medicine defines who is allowed to submit research proposals to external research sponsors on which he/she is listed as the Principal Investigator (PI) here.

Additional SOM and Emory University key research policies can be found at


Grant Editors/Writers

Need assistance with writing or editing that big grant?  Contact information for grant editors/writers recommended by other Emory researchers can be found here.

You can find more Research Resources on the Conducting Research pages of the SOM website.