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Dana Foundation David Mahoney Neuroimaging Program

Internal Due Date: Past Due

Foundation Due Date: Typically Due in early April each year

Number of Applications: 1


The Dana Foundation’s neuroimaging research program focuses on improving human brain and brain-immune functioning to promote health, and prevent and treat disease. Funds support pilot-testing by investigators, who are early in their research careers, to enable them to pursue promising, high-risk, and innovative ideas that have a direct clinical application. The pilot data are anticipated to help increase competitiveness for seeking larger-scale support from other funders. Grant amounts for each study may be up to $200,000 total, payable over three years. Applicants will be informed within eight weeks of the preliminary proposal deadline on whether they are invited to prepare full proposals. The first awards will be announced in September 2015. Subsequent award announcements will be made in December 2015.


Internal Competition Guidelines: Interested applicants must submit an abstract of their proposed projects (not to exceed 2 pages) and an NIH-style biosketch to Trish Haugaard via e-mail ( ) by no later than the internal deadline above for consideration. Please put Dana Foundation Neuroimaging– Applicant Name in the subject line of the e-mail. Please note that written reviews or summary statements from the internal review and selection process will not be available.