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Transgenic Mouse & Gene Targeting Core

The Transgenic Mouse and Gene Targeting Core Facility (TMF) is a shared resource of the Emory University School of Medicine (SOM). It was originally established in 1998. The core acts to provide both state of the art equipment and expertise for the generation and characterization of genetically altered mouse models. The core provides a full range of services in three major categories as outlined below:

Transgenic Mouse and Gene Targeting Core Facility

Video of Dr. Caspary discussing mutant mouse resources.

Bulk Sperm Cryo Days

11.15.12 - Resources for Transgenic Mouse Research (download handout)

Listing of available Mouse Lines (maintained on the DAR website)

New Service AvailableSperm Cryopreservation

The Transgenic Mouse Core Facility is pleased to announce improved efficiency for embryo cryopreservation and the ability to offer sperm cryopreservation. Due to the high success rate of IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) from fresh sperms, we strongly suggest investigators cryopreserve their strains at 2-cell-embryo stage through IVF. There are many advantages:

  1. Low number of mice needed---we only need 2 stud males, preferably proven studs to finish the procedure.
  2. High efficiency---we’ll be able to obtain more 2-cell-embryos from just one IVF session, therefore more straws can be frozen and store in our LN freezer.
  3. High success rate---we guarantee live pup recovery, and each project is completed with QC for live pup.
  4. Low cost---the service fee is $1030 including QC for live pups, also include lifelong storage for the frozen embryos. No need to do IVF when it’s time to recover the strain in the future.
  5. Convenience---we are on campus, located at Clinic B building.

In collaboration with Emory DAR (Division of Animal Resources), we can rederive mice through IVF in order to avoid lengthy quarantine time and cost.

For more information and service request, please contact:
Transgenic Mouse/Gene Targeting Core Facility
Emory University School of Medicine
1760 Haygood Drive
Health Sciences Research Bldg, Lab EG42
Atlanta, GA 30322
Office: (404) 712-8847, Fax: (404) 712-8373

Transgenic Production: The core produces transgenic mice via pronuclear microinjection of either plasmid or BAC DNA constructs into one of two inbred mouse strains (C57BL/6, or FVB). Two founder lines are guaranteed.  Other strains are available upon request.

Gene Targeting: The core provides a full range of services for the production of gene-targeted mice utilizing our stock ES cell line HZ2.2 (129SvEv/TAC). Germline transmission is guaranteed for ES cell projects performed by the core. Gene targeting with C57BL/6 ES cell line is also available upon request.

Auxiliary Services. The core provides a number of services for the characterization, maintenance, and preservation, of novel mouse models. Please see our services section for more details.

Highlights: guaranteed services, quick turnaround rate, proven success record

Acknowledgement & Authorship

The Core Facilities at Emory are here to support your research. In order to ensure that the appropriate recognition is attributed to the facilities, please acknowledge the facilities on all publications.