Winship rated 'outstanding' in renewal of Cancer Center Designation

August 9, 2012

By Lynne Anderson

Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University has been rated "Outstanding" by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which has renewed Winship's designation as a NCI-Designated Cancer Center for five years.

Advances in lung cancer research, a world-class multiple myeloma program, one of the nation's oldest and finest leukemia and bone marrow transplant programs, the Southeast's largest head and neck cancer research effort, and a broad portfolio of cancer clinical trials are among the many reasons that the Winship Cancer Institute was successfully renewed by the National Cancer Institute for its cancer center designation.

A cadre of some of the highest-regarded and most innovative researchers in their fields was also a key factor.

The grant that accompanies the designation is $7.5 million over five years.

A panel of 23 NCI-appointed cancer research experts reviewed Winship's application for the renewal and scored Winship at the "Outstanding" level.

Only 57 other centers nationwide that provide care to adult cancer patients and conduct research hold an NCI cancer center designation.

Winship is the first and only NCI-designated cancer center in the state of Georgia. It first was awarded NCI designation in 2009.