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Mary Jo Lund, PhD, MSPH, MT(ASCP)

Assistant Professor
Emory University School of Medicine

Dr. Lund received both her Master of Science in Public Health (1998) and PhD in Cancer Epidemiology (2004) from Emory University. During her education process she was inducted into the Delta Omega Society (the Honorary Society in Public Health for academic excellence and public health achievement) and awarded several scholarships including the CDC/Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) Research Participation Program Scholarship, Division of Cancer Prevention and Control. She is a former AVON scholar and a current GLENN scholar at the Winship Cancer Institute. Her research concentration is in cancer disparities, particularly disparities between African Americans and Whites.

Research Interests

Dr. Lund’s current research encompasses cancer epidemiology, disparities and control, with emphasis on the molecular basis for racial differences in breast cancer between black and white women, at a population-based and clinical level. Her research seeks to identify reasons for the later stage at diagnosis and poorer survival among African Americans as well as their development of more aggressive breast cancers. Major purposes include examining associations of molecular biomarkers and clinical breast cancer subtypes (such as the aggressive TRIPLE NEGATIVE breast cancers or HER2 positive breast cancers) with incidence/risk, stage at diagnosis, treatment response, and outcomes. The ultimate goal is to identify profiles unique to specific sub-groups of women which will provide a crucial tier in addressing disparities through novel risk and treatment interventions for a long-underserved population. 

To date, Dr. Lund has published over 25 peer-reviewed manuscripts/reviews. She currently collaborates as a co-investigator in a 7 U.S. state study addressing patterns of breast cancer care and serves as a member of the Georgia Cancer Coalition’s Georgia Comprehensive Cancer Control Plan Committee on Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment. She is also a member of numerous professional societies including the American Association for Cancer Research, American College of Epidemiology, American Public Health Association, American Society of Clinical Pathology, American Society of Preventive Oncology, American Society of Clinical Oncology, Molecular Epidemiology Working Group and the Society of Epidemiologic Research.


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