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Residents As Teachers

Residents as Teachers

Dear Incoming Residents & Fellows,

As part of the efforts to enhance residents' abilities to teach, you are required to complete a web-based program designed to improve your knowledge and skills around three areas important to teaching 1) precepting microskills, 2) observation and feedback, and 3) brief teaching talks.

The following links will lead you to Kansas University School of Medicine's Strategies in Clinical Teaching website for each of the three required modules: 

1. Precepting Microskills -

2. Observation and Feedback -

3. The Ten-Minute Talk -

Please read through the module then complete the post-test at the end (best done using Internet Explorer). These modules were developed as part of a faculty development program, but the sections you are required to complete directly relate to the teaching activities in which you will be engaged this year. You are also requested to review the section on bedside teaching (, but since the post-test is the same as that for observation and feedback, you need not complete that post-test. 

As verification of completing the post-test, please print the post-test with the "Your Score" box showing how you did (your score). You will need to provide the print outs of the three post-tests to your Program Coordinator before September 30, 2011. Please do not submit the test online.

If you have any questions regarding this pre-matriculation assignment, please contact the GME office at 404-727-5658, or email