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Types of Financial Aid

Scholarships for Medical Students

The following scholarships are awarded by the Office of Financial Aid based on eligibility as determined by the information the student submits on the FAFSA and the PROFILE. No supplemental applications are required.

  • Claudia Adkison Medical Scholarship
  • Dr. H. Homer Allen Medical Scholarship
  • Adopt-A-Doc Scholarship
  • Alumni Medical School Scholarship
  • Charles R. Andrews Scholarship
  • Richard J. Bagby Medical Scholarship
  • Augusta H. and Grace A. Barrett Scholarship
  • Mortimer B. and Claire Munroe Bates Scholarship
  • Dr. M. P. Bates Scholarship
  • Samuel and Esther Bleich Scholarship
  • Dr. John T. Burkhalter Scholarship
  • Marjorie Maley Butler Scholarship
  • Amey Chappell Scholarship
  • Glenn and Jessika Crawford Scholarship
  • Byron Scott Davis MD Scholarship
  • Helen W. Dobbs Scholarship
  • Tom and Martha Duke Scholarship
  • David V. and Phyllis A. Fetters Scholarship
  • Milton H. Freedman, MD, Scholarship Fund
  • John and Sara Godwin Scholarship
  • Jack and Pauline Harrington Scholarship
  • Dr. Thurman Knight and Eula Chasteen Hill Scholarship
  • Dr. Byron J. and Freda G. Hoffman Scholarship
  • Barbara P. Howell Scholarship
  • Evan L. Huggins Scholarship
  • Robert Elwin Jewett MD Scholarship
  • Zollie and Thomas Johnson Scholarship
  • Ellis L. Jones MD Scholarship
  • Dr. J. William Jones Scholarship
  • Dr. Stephen and Jane Law Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Lawley MD Scholarship
  • McCracken Family Medical Scholarship
  • Estelle C. McLain Scholarship
  • Helen Miller Scholarship
  • Mullis Scholarship
  • Charles Ernest Murphey Scholarship
  • George C. Nichols Scholarship
  • Catherine and Charles B. Nunnally Scholarship
  • Dr. Margaret Palmer Scholarship
  • Evangeline Papageorge Scholarship
  • James Edgar Paullin Scholarship
  • Matthew David Pendergrast Scholarship
  • Zoe Yang Pilgrim Scholarship
  • Dr. David Henry Poer Scholarship
  • Dr. Thomas S. Powell Scholarship
  • C. Elton Richards Scholarship
  • Adam and Stephanie Rogers Medical Scholarship                           
  • Thomas Edwards Rogers Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Frank B. Schley Scholarship
  • John F. Shannon and Emma Watson Smith Medical Scholarship
  • Jonas A. (Jack) Shulman MD Scholarship
  • Emma J. Slaughter Scholarship
  • Carter Smith Sr. and Dorothy Smith Hopkins Scholarship
  • SOM Class of 1961 Scholarship
  • SOM Class of 1963 Scholarship
  • SOM Class of 1983 Scholarship
  • Steven and Kathryn Spandorfer Scholarship
  • Cyrus W. Strickler Sr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Charles Edwin Suber Scholarship
  • William B. and Elizabeth H. Thompson Scholarship
  • Chesley Vincent Scholarship
  • William C. Warren Scholarship
  • Arthur G. Wedekind Scholarship
  • Hugh West Medical Scholarship
  • Lloyd L. Whitley Scholarship
  • Irene Woodruff Scholarship
  • Mary Elizabeth Young Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Scholarships Based on Merit and Eligibility

  • E. Bates Block, MD, Memorial Scholarship
  • Dr. James L. Campbell Memorial Scholarship
  • Thomas Callahan Davis, MD, Memorial Scholarship
  • James Lacey Gravlee Jr., MD, Scholarship
  • Francis R. Hammack Endowed Memorial Scholarship
  • Bert L. Hammack and Emory B. Hammack Memorial Scholarship
  • Mrs. L. V. (Ola) Hammack Memorial Scholarship
  • W. C. Harris Family Scholarship
  • Ellington Charles Hawes Scholarship
  • Anne Hoyt Jolley Scholarship
  • Dr. Anthony J. and Doris E. Martin Scholarship
  • Dr. Evangeline Papageorge/Lucia Gomez, MD, Scholarship
  • Earl Rasmussen Memorial Scholarship
  • Milton R. Ratner Scholarship
  • Reifler Family Scholarship
  • Thompson Medical Scholarship
  • Joseph B. Whitehead Surgery Scholarship
  • Sidney H. Yarbrough III, MD, Scholarship in Medicine

Scholarships Based on Community Service

  • E. L. Bolton Service Award
  • Anne Elizabeth and Harper Gaston Service Scholarship

Scholarships Based on Merit

Robert W. Woodruff Fellowships

Four first-year medical and two MD/PhD students are selected as recipients of Woodruff Fellowships. Each fellowship covers full tuition and a stipend for a four-year period of study. Applicants are assessed on demonstrated qualities of forceful and unselfish character, intellectual and personal vigor, outstanding academic achievement, motivation for medicine, impressive communication skills, leadership, and creativity. A special application is not required. Individuals accepted to the initial class (through mid-March) will constitute the pool from which finalists will be selected. For additional information, contact the Office of Admissions of the School of Medicine.

Dr. G. Keith Pilling Scholarship

A four-year full tuition scholarship is awarded once every four years to a student with outstanding academic merit, financial need and is a U.S. citizen.

Loan Programs

  • Direct Federal Unsubsidized Stafford Loan – Not based on financial need; up to $47,167 per academic year; 6.60% interest rate; interest is assessed as soon as student receives full disbursement of loan but student can allow interest to accumulate and accumulated interest is added to loan amount when student begins repayment; up to 10 years to repay (may be extended up to 25 years depending on total indebtedness); no cosigner required.
  • Direct Federal GradPLUS Loan – Not based on financial need; can borrow up to the Cost of Attendance (see below) minus any other aid student is receiving; 7.60% interest rate; repayment begins 60 days after student receives full disbursement of loan but student can request a deferment until 6 months after leaving school; interest accumulates if student defers payments while enrolled; up to 10 years to repay (may be extended up to 25 years depending on total indebtedness); student must pass a credit check or have a credit-worthy cosigner.
  • Institutional Loans – based on financial need; $5,000 per academic year; 4.22% interest rate; repayment begins 6-months after leaving school; up to 10 years to repay. These include: Emory Clinic Medical Loan, Medical School Dean’s Loan, Martha W. Andrews Medical Loan; AMA-ERF Medical Loan; Georgia Pediatric Society Medical Loan; Richardson Medical Loan; and Ben Smithloff Medical Loan.
  • Private Loans – Students are encouraged to take advantage of all institutional and federal aid before turning to private loans, which may have higher interest rates and/or lack some of the other benefits of federal aid. However, students who have reached federal loan limits or fail to meet certain academic requirements may need to look to private loans for assistance. These loans are available from some banks that participated in federal loans previously. Borrowers must be credit-worthy or have a credit-worthy cosigner. Check the Office of Financial Aid website for more information.

Veterans Benefits

Emory Payment Plan

  • This plan is available to help students pay any balance owed to the university for tuition and fees over the course of the semester. Rather than paying the entire balance at the beginning of the semester, students make four scheduled monthly payments. There is a $60 fee to enroll in the payment plan. For details, see