Emory International Postdoctoral Committee (IPC) Emory International Postdoctoral Committee (IPC)

Welcome to the Emory International Postdoctoral Committee (IPC) Website

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve Emory postdocs of international origin by:
  1. Exchanging experiences, culture and relevant information for their professional and personal lives,
  2. Organizing and promoting career- and family-oriented events and/or meetings for the postdoctoral community.
  3. Assisting postdocs in reaching their desired future career path.
Please also see our events and goals pages for our current plans.

We thank Dr. Mary Delong and Lisa Flowers from the Emory Office of Postdoctoral Education (OPE) for giving postdocs this opportunity to form our committee and help organize all our activities!

IPC members on Sep, 2011

Current Members

Patricia Paola Jumbo Lucioni (co-chair)
Human Genetics

Cengiz Gunay (co-chair)

Shuzhao Li
Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes Primate Center

Selva Maran (new member in 2011)

Akshay Sharma (new member in 2012)

Michel Corban (new member in 2012)
SOM: Cardiology

Amit U. Raysoni (new member in 2012)
School of Public Health

Sylvia Hsu-Chen Yip (new member in 2012)

Past Members

IPC members on March, 2010

Marcos Tadashi Toyoshima

Lara Pereira
Emory Vaccine Center at Yerkes Primate Center, 2010-2011

Manish Chandra Pathak
Biochemistry, 2011

Alexandre Franco
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, 2011

Tomasz G. Smolinski
Biology, 2010

Hima Bindu
Pediatrics, 2010


Please send an email to one of these @emory.edu addresses: cgunay (Cengiz Gunay), pjumbol (Patricia Lucioni), or lflowe3 (Lisa Flowers, OPE Program Associate).

We would like to thank Dr. Mary DeLong and especially Lisa Flowers for their help. Thanks to Anca Doloc-Mihu for maintaining the committee web pages.

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