Emory International Postdoctoral Committee (IPC) Emory International Postdoctoral Committee (IPC)

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Our goals for the 2011-12 academic year

  1. To organize a Green Card Workshop (around March, 2012)

    We will invite a new lawyer to get a different perspective. Also, we will have more personal perspectives from several postdocs, including physicians. It is also possible to setup sign-up sheets for assembling green card working groups and asking for volunteer mentors to help them.

  2. Organize a postdoc outing trip to a nearby state park/hiking trail (early October, 2011).

    This will be followed by gathering at a restaurant.

  3. Open a postdoc mailing list

    This list will be separate from the Postdoc_SOM listserv) and it will allow postdocs to post here for a more direct and active communication. The list will be moderated to subject the posts to approval. You can fully control your subscription to this list.

  4. Invite more international postdocs from the region to our mailing list and Facebook page.
  5. Prepare a flyer about IPC to be handed out at ISSP orientations and international coffee hours. It can also be displayed on the ISSP board.
  6. To prepare a list of contact postdocs for each country to help out newcoming postdocs.

    Would you like to volunteer to be the contact for your country?

Other ideas

  1. Organize discussion meetings or outings for postdocs to come together and discuss their everyday dilemnas.
  2. Organize a ISSP Question & Answer Information Session
  3. Organize a Potluck Gathering for all the Postdoctoral Community.

We would appreciate you let us know your opinions about how we do, how you like our goals and plans, if you would like to contribute, or anything else that you think would be relevant for the postdoctoral community at Emory.



Please send an email to one of these @emory.edu addresses: cgunay (Cengiz Gunay), pjumbol (Patricia Lucioni), or lflowe3 (Lisa Flowers, OPE Program Associate).

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