Keynote & Panel Descriptions

Keynote: Beyond the End of the Road: Career Advice from the Wilderness - Dr. Keith Micoli

When you have reached the end of the educational road after 20 years or more, the next step towards an independent career can seem like walking into an unknown wilderness. While hiking alone for 10 days and 120 miles, Keith had plenty of time to ponder the similarities of life on the trail and life in the lab. Join him as he shares some of the insights he gained, from learning to accept the inevitable frustrations life throws at you, to unlocking the deep strength each of us has within us. The end of the road is only the beginning of your journey, and only you can determine your ultimate destination!

Research-Intensive Careers

Research scientists can work in almost every area of science imaginable, ranging from basic, clinical, and regulatory research. A research-intensive career allows you to continue your love of science while carrying out various projects, serving as a laboratory leader developing program strategy and execution, establishing a substantial external scientific presence through peer-reviewed manuscripts, and continual learning of field advancements. Our diverse panelists from government, industry, and academia portray a sample of the vast career opportunities that allow you to maintain a high involvement in the science while advancing your field.

Science Education and Outreach

PhDs with careers in science education and outreach encourage and guide future generations of scientists, and continuously improve science education and awareness. Science education and outreach careers allow you to exercise your creativity, teaching, communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Our featured panelists are committed to developing curricula that keep pace with scientific advancements, enhance interest in the sciences and maximizes student achievement.

Science Communication and Marketing

Disseminating scientific information is a critical part of doing and advancing science. Careers in science communication and marketing are a great opportunity to take advantage of your scientific expertise and communication skills. If you want to be at the cutting edge of your research field and make a positive contribution towards scientific advancement without all of the lab work, this career path might be for you. Our distinguished panel will highlight several career options that center on the development and dissemination of scientific content regarding the latest developments in research, technologies, and treatments.

Careers in Science Administration and Management

Science administration and management careers provide PhDs with the opportunity to influence science and scientific research without being at the bench. These career paths make a positive impact and advance the research enterprise by leading, managing and supporting it. Positions in administration and management can be found in a variety of organizations, including universities, hospitals, government agencies, corporations, and nonprofits; and are multifaceted and vital in making sure research is successfully funded, managed, coordinated, regulated, reported, and commercialized. The panelists will share how they got their start in science administration and management as well as key tips for your successful transition into this exciting career.