Postdoc Progress, Renewal and Termination

Postdoc Progress and Renewal

The School of Medicine Policy for Postdoctoral Fellows adopted May 1, 2000 states that Postdoctoral Fellows should receive a renewable one-year appointment from their mentor at the time of the anniversary of their date of hire based on a satisfactory level of research performance.    A Postdoc’s research performance is documented in the on-line Annual Progress Report completed by the Postdoc.  After the Postdoc completes the Annual Progress Report, an email is sent automatically to the mentor to approve or comment on-line on the Postdoctoral Fellow’s report.  Postdocs should discuss the content of their Annual Progress Report with their mentors.

A copy of the progress report and the Letter of Renewal should be given to your departmental administrator and to be placed in the Postdoctoral Fellow's file. 

Please note that the postdocs cannot be appointed for more than five (5) years. It is urged that postdocs how have already completed four or more years of training be considered for a non-training appointment or guided in obtaining other employment well in advance of the five-year Postdoctoral Fellow term deadline. 

In addition, during the first year of training an Individual Career Development Plan should be submitted and annually a Progress Report containing goals for completion of training.

Notice of non-renewal of appointment should be given in writing at least three months prior to the end of appointments with copies to the department and Office of Postdoctoral Education.   

Postdoc Termination

Postdoc appointments are subject to termination at any time for reasonable justification, including but not limited to misconduct in violation of Emory policies, poor performance, or lack of funding to support continued employment.  Notice of termination for poor performance or lack of funding should be given in writing at least three months before the effective date of termination. Termination for unacceptable conduct is subject to University guidelines and appeal mechanisms.