After Postdoc Arrives

  1. Please refer your postdoc to complete the Postdoc on-line database form (Emory Network ID and Password REQUIRED)
  2. Have your postdoc contact Lisa Flowers at the Office of Postdoctoral Education with the following information:
    1. Postdoc arrival date
    2. Department
    3. Mentor name
  3. Refer your postdoc to the Starting a New Postdoc page and to the Current Postdocs section so they can find all the information they need. 
  4. Have your postdoc attend the New Postdoc Orientation. This session is specifically for postdoctoral fellows and differs from the general HR Orientations all postdocs must attend at the time of hire. Please check our calendar or the postdoc orientation session tab for upcoming orientation session date. 
  5. Connect your postdoc to OPE and the career development offered by our office. An easy start is to refer your postdoc to join the OPE listserv so they are informed about events and happening related to postdoc life
  6. Have your postdoc create his/ her Individual Development Plan (now required by NIH) and discuss it annually with him/ her. For more information about the IDP and its importance, click here