Career and Professional Development Resources

The following resources are not an exhaustive list of the myriad of information and blogs that are available online. These resources are provided for your reference and does NOT imply OPE endorsement of  any of the websites or the books that are listed here.

Found a great resource that is not on our list and would like to share? Please email us!

General Online Career Resources (Career Exploration)

Academic Jobs

Careers Outside Academia

Informational Interviews and Networking

CV, resume and cover letter


Transferable Skills

Negogiation and Salary Information

Career Assessment Tools


  • What Color is your Parachute by Richard Bolles (available at OPE)
  • Do What you are by Tieger and Barron (based on the Myer-Briggs Type, available at OPE)
  • StregthFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath

Dual Career Couples

Job Search Sites