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Emory University names new Dean for School of Medicine

Welcome Dean Vikas Sukhatme

You Said; We Did

You said the scheduling of Discovery prohibits flexibility of the clinical year.

  • We changed the scheduling to allow students the option of 5+0, 4+1, 3+2, or 2+3 months of Discovery.

You said that there are issues around diversity instruction and presentation in the MD curriculum.

  • We created a task force, chaired by Dr. Kimberly Manning, to address such issues and report to the Executive Curriculum Committee in April 2018.

You said changes in the teaching of microbiology and immunology needed to be made.

  • We implemented changes for the Prologue II course and assigned faculty thread leaders for these topics.

You said you needed feedback on thread topic performance.

  • We purchased ExamSoft and partnered with IT to utilize the Tableau platform for you to receive progress feedback on all threads, including USMLE Part I principles.

Debt Management Corner - Holiday Message from Alok Deshpande

The holidays are around the corner. Actually, they're already here.

That probably means exams, finally finishing that one class or rotation you hate and, for some, one step closer to graduation. And then, there's money. Visiting family, gifts, spending time with friends all costs money. Unfortunately, your income is from student loans. So what do you do? Here's a short video that will give you a financial strategy on how to not go broke during the holidays.

My abridged advice is that you should set a number and limit taking unnecessary debt to buy that perfect gift for the person who may not remember it a year from now. Be creative and balance your expectations. In fact, here's a list of 100 gift ideas that won't have you making payments for the next decade.

Lastly, remember that Emory School of Medicine has paid for you to have free financial coaching (anytime!!). You can get unbiased guidance on student loans, budgeting, how to get to Italy on less than $500 and just about anything with money. Take advantage.

Call 1.888.686.5808 or go to to schedule time with a coach.

For Emory SOM financial aid questions, contact Mike Behler: or stop by his office in the OMESA suite!

Happy Holidays and see you next year.


Community Learning Social Medicine

Service Day 2017

Community Learning and Social Medicine’s 2017 Service Day celebrated the Class of 2020’s first foray into CLSM.  The class shared their personal experiences and insights into working at places like Clarkston Community Center, Rolling Bends Community and elderly adult service centers around Atlanta.  Among other things, Emory SOM students taught IPhone classes, led arts & crafts activities, experienced ball dancing, and created Digitally Accessible Health Education podcasts. While educating and empowering members of the Atlanta community, the Class of 2020 not only learned about the difficulties and needs of others but also lessons about themselves. 

So far this year, the class of 2021 has toured the Atlanta Civil Rights Museum and has spent classtime learning about social determinants of health, race in medicine, and treating those with disabilities. Students were also aligned with one of 35 community centers to participate in activities that respond to community-identified concerns. Next semester, the students will develop, plan and execute a project which will be presented on Service Day 2018.

PD Gladiators

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Did You Know?
  • ENERGY POLICY: The University has a standardized temperature policy of 68°-76° (+/-2°) in the majority of campus buildings.  Learn More About Energy Awareness
  • NEW CAFE FURNITURE: The new indoor/outdoor cafe furniture may not be moved unless authorized by the Space Management Department.
  • NO TAPE:  The SOM Building Policy disallows taped signs of all kinds.  Please use stanchions.  Feel free to remove taped signs when you see them.


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