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Process for PI Transfers

When a Principal Investigator (PI) leaves Emory University, the disposition of active grants is generally handled in one of the following ways:

  • the PI asks the University to relinquish the grant(s) so that it/they may be transferred to the PI’s new institution; or
  • a request is made to the sponsoring agency(ies) to change PI on the grant(s) to an individual remaining at Emory.

In certain circumstances, however, the PI may wish to leave a grant at Emory and remain PI, even after he or she has transferred to the new institution.

Such cases are expected to be rare. The following must occur in order to allow a grant to remain at Emory under the existing PI even after that individual has begun their appointment at the new institution. The departing PI should begin this process at least four (4) months prior to the date of departure to ensure adequate time to complete all required steps.  All steps are required.

  1. The PI’s Emory department chair and school dean must endorse the arrangement and the retention of the grant at Emory.
  2. The PI must retain a faculty appointment with Emory (generally expected to be an adjunct/WOC appointment.
  3. The PI’s new institution must endorse the arrangement in writing. (It must acknowledge and approve that the grant will remain at Emory and that the PI will be allowed to dedicate the committed level of effort to the grant.)
  4. Emory University will issue a subcontract to the new institution, whether or not any funding will transfer to the new institution. The subcontract will  cover, at a minimum, the PI’s effort on the grant and flow-down  terms and conditions to the new institution, including but not limited to: Effort Certification, Conflict of Interest, Research Misconduct, etc. Requirements for reporting (including close-out reports) will also be flowed-down in such agreements.
  5. The sponsoring agency must approve the arrangement in writing, including explicit approval for a subcontract to the new institution. (In these cases, the subcontract PI and the Emory PI would be the same individual.) To obtain such approval, the PI must provide the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) a letter of request detailing the arrangements, as described above, and seeking sponsor approval. OSP will provide the written documentation to the appropriate individuals at the sponsoring agency(ies).
  6. All awards must be “clean” from an administrative perspective. All effort certifications must be current. All required reporting must be current.
  7. The PI must identify a responsible Emory co-investigator who will be named PI on IRB, IACUC, Radiation, Biosafety, and any other protocols protocols. This individual assumes full responsibility for oversight related to that protocol(s). The individual who is leaving cannot remain PI on such protocols.
  8. The process is approved only after all of the above have been completed and an authorized individual of the sponsoring agency(ies) has provided written approval.