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Equipment Relinquishment for Departing Faculty

All equipment purchased with Emory funds, i.e., using an Emory SpeedType, is the property of Emory University.  If certain conditions are met the Department Chair and Dean may, at their option, agree to allow a departing investigator to transfer equipment purchased at Emory to another academic institution. Conditions for approval include:

  • If the departing investigator is transferring an active grant to another academic institution, then the equipment purchased with funds from the grant may be released from Emory.  However, if the transferring study is part of a multi-project grant, and other projects in the grant remain at Emory, the equipment can be transferred only if the equipment is not required to complete the aims of any other Emory-based projects within the remaining grant.
  • Per OMB Circular A-21 regulations, once a federally funded grant has ended the preferred transfer of the equipment is to another federal award, at Emory, funded by the same agency. The second preference is to transfer the equipment to another federal award at Emory funded by a different agency.  If there is not a need for the equipment in either of those categories only then can the equipment be transferred away from Emory with a departing investigator.
  • Equipment purchased with non-federal funds (e.g., start-up, industry funded studies, etc.) may be released if the Department Chair determined that there is no other need for that equipment within the department.
  • Emory equipment may not be released to a non-academic site.

All requests for equipment transfer must be made in writing by the Department Chair to the Executive Associate Dean for Research, and include an itemized list of the equipment that includes the purchase date, purchase funding source and the Emory tag number.  The University Cost Studies Office, within OGCA, can provide the original funding source in the event that it is not known in the department.

The equipment may not be removed from Emory until an approved written release has been delivered by the Executive Associate Dean for Research to the Department Chair.  The School of Medicine Research Office will forward the release letter and attached equipment list to the University Cost Studies Office for final processing and removal from the Emory inventory list.