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Emory Medical Care Foundation

Medical grants support research and service, education, and advocacy, boost careers

The Emory Medical Care Foundation (EMCF) offers two different types of grants: research grants and service, education, and advocacy grants. Proposals are due Feb. 1, June 1, and Oct. 1 each year (if the first of the month falls on a holiday or weekend, then submission is due the following Monday or non-holiday work day).

Research Grants

The EMCF awards up to 6 research grants a year up, for a maximum of $30,000/award, to support research conducted by Emory faculty who are based at least 50% of their time at Grady and who are in their first 10 years of service on the faculty.. Nadine Kaslow, Chair of the EMCF Intraumural Grant Program, says these grants support research that is very relevant to the health care provided for patients served by Grady. "It really does support scholarship at Grady and it's one of the only places to get funding for the work we do. The research focuses on indigent populations and minority populations and their health care needs," she notes. The small grant program supports the research careers of junior investigators and more senior investigators interested in pursuing research and is also meant to encourage clinicians and educators to engage in clinical and basic science research. Kaslow says the research grants often lead to external funding, resulting in career advancement for faculty. "I received funding for a research project quite early in my career," she says, adding that it helped her advance.

Service, Education, and Advocacy (SEA) Grants

The EMCF also awards small intramural service grants to Emory faculty who are significantly involved in clinical care and education on the Grady campus. The grants are intended to help faculty, especially those on the MEST and Clinical Tracks, become more involved in service, teaching and advocacy to the benefit of the Atlanta community and the patients traditionally receiving service at Grady. The focus of the SEA grants is on hospital- or community-based service, educational or advocacy projects dealing with the social determinants of health and with problems causing poor urban health outcome. These grants are expected to be completed in one year with demonstrable academic outcomes. It is anticipated that the grants will culminate in the faculty member developing future projects /grants /papers. The grants are for Instructors, Assistant and Associate Professors. Grants are up to $10,000 per individual grant and $30,000 for collaborative grants across departments.

For more information, contact Dr. Nadine Kaslow