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Look here for an exquisite fluorochrome table: 

The Purdue Cytometry site:


Becton Dickinson:

Fluorescence Spectrum Viewer:

Cell Sorting:

SOM Flow Cytometry Core Facility ListServ mailing list (join us!): intends to be a forum for apoptosis-related subjects, website maintained by grad students:

The Society has been formed for the purposes of promulgating a better understanding of the mechanisms of cell death and apoptosis, 

establishing communication among the various branches of the research, and communicating and coordinating the application of research findings in biology and medicine.

"Compensation: A Discussion of its merits and the correct application therein":

BD Application Notes:

An excellent online resource for many protocols:

Cell-Cycle and Yeast

Free Cytometry-related software

Molecular Probes

Cross Reactivity Taxonomic Key Program (TKP) at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University

Cross-Reactive Antibody List for nonhuman Primates, Beth Israel Deaconess Med. Center, Boston