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Facility Description

 Detailed facility information is given below. If you need additional information please contact the Core Director.


The Emory University School of Medicine Core Facility for Flow Cytometry occupies several locations scattered around the Emory campus. Sorters are located in the Dental School Building. Analyzers are located in the Dental School Building and Emory Clinic Building B. In addition, support in the form of training, technical assistance, troubleshooting and consultation are given to various laboratories that independently own cytometers on campus. Facility hardware: Analyzers:

  • LSRII (Location: Dental School, Room 440A)

The LSRII is a three-laser, eleven-color digital benchtop analyzer manufactured by Becton Dickinson.


  • primary laser: 488nm (blue) excitation beam wavelength
  • secondary laser: 635nm (red) excitation beam wavelength
  • tertiary laser: 405nm (violet) excitation beam wavelength
  • eleven fluorescence detectors (for more information please see our "Instructions" page, "Training Materials" section)


  • FACSAria IIA (Location: Dental School, room 441)
  • FACSAria IIB (Location:  Dental School, room 441)

The FACSAria II is manufactured by Becton Dickinson, with hardware for 11-color, high-speed multi-laser sorting. It has a 488nm primary laser, 635nm secondary red laser and 405nm violet third laser, with capabilities of sorting up to 4 populations at one time.  The FACSAria II is located in the Dental School Building, Room 441

All sorters within the facility are capable of single-cell deposition sorting, and all sorts are treated with great care in regards to aseptic techniques, accuracy in post-sort recovery and high-purity (>98%).


Robert Karaffa, Technical Director (

Ms. Sommer Durham, M.Sc., Flow Cytometry Technologist Senior