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Xianghong Peng, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor of Hematology & Oncology
Emory School of Medicine

Dr. Xianghong Peng received his MD at Hunan Medical University (Changsha, China) in July 1989. He worked as a physician in the Department of Hematology/Medical Oncology at Beijing Diaoyudai hospital for five years. His research experience was extended during his PhD training in the Cancer Institute & Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. After gaining his PhD in July 2000, Dr. Peng moved to the US and received further training in cell and molecular biology and biochemistry in the Laboratory of Cell Biology, NCI/NIH. In August 2003, Dr. Peng joined the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory University to pursue his interests in translational research.

Research Interests

Dr. Peng has 10 years of research experience in cancer research, and has been involved in 4 different research projects at the Winship Cancer Institute, which included researchers in medical oncology, cancer biology, chemistry and medical imaging from 7 different universities and institutes.

The overall goal of Dr. Peng’s research is to develop targeted nanoparticles (gold nanoparticles, iron oxide nanoparticles, heparin nanoparticles) for cancer therapy and imaging: 1) Targeted iron oxide nanoparticles for HNSCC imaging and therapy; 2) Targeted plasmonic gold nanorods in cancer therapy; 3) DDP-loaded tumor targeted heparin nanoparticles for HNSCC and lung cancer therapy.


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