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The Emory University School of Medicine Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology is dedicated to providing high quality, comprehensive clinical care for our patients through every phase of their cancer treatment.  In addition, the Department is cultivating novel cancer care approaches and therapies by advancing clinical and translational research.  To accomplish these goals, the Department is divided into three divisions:


The Division of Hematology concentrates on the treatment and prevention of blood diseases, especially those related to or caused by cancer. These conditions include lymphomas, which are cancers of the lymphatic system, and leukemia, which are cancers that usually affect the white blood cells.


Medical Oncology

The Division of Medical Oncology is made up of a diverse group of clinical and basic science faculty, clinical and research trainees, laboratory technicians, students, administrators, and administrative assistants.  This group, in addition to nurses, pharmacists, dieticians, social workers, and physicians from other disciplines such as surgery, pathology, radiation oncology, psychiatry, and supportive oncology work together in a multidisciplinary team approach to provide patients with individual treatment plans specific to their type of cancer.  The goal of this division is to provide the best cancer care possible for patients while also leading the field in cutting-edge cancer research through outstanding collaborative efforts. 


Stem Cell & Immune Therapy

As one of the world's leaders in bone marrow and stem cell transplants, the Division of Bone Marrow Transplant is committed to the latest, innovative techniques and treatments with supportive services and compassionate patient care.