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Section 26: Tips/Gifts

Residents are not allowed to accept gifts of significant monetary value (defined by Emory as in excess of $40.00) from patients, or patient family members. Gifts from industry to individual residents should be primarily for the benefit of patients or educational in nature and should not be of extraordinary value. Accordingly, textbooks, modest meals and similar gifts are appropriate. Cash payments should not be accepted. Diagnostic equipment primarily benefits the patient and therefore such gifts are permissible as long as they are not of extraordinary value. Individual gifts of minimal value such as pens and notepads are permissible as long as the gifts are related to the physician¿s work. Scholarships or other special funds to permit residents and fellows to attend major educational conferences may be permissible as long as selection of the residents who attend is made by their academic Department and the subsidy is provided to the Department rather than to the individual resident. The general guiding principles that apply are those of Emory University and the AMA Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs as they relate to gifts to physicians from industry. Emory Hospitals, Department of Pharmaceutical Services has developed a policy that applies to pharmaceuticals company representatives; their policy is also applicable to residents and fellows working in Emory Hospitals. In general, these guidelines are similar to those of the University and AMA; an additional stipulation is that pharmaceutical representatives may provide a light meal or snacks for house staff in conjunction with an in service program in hospital conference room space. Residents are encouraged to discuss any questions regarding these policies with their Program Director.