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Section 2: School of Medicine's General Responsibilities

2.01 The ultimate responsibility for the oversight of all aspects of a department's residency training program rests with the Chair of that department. The department Chair may appoint a Program Director that will act in whatever capacity and with whatever authority that is delegated by the Chair. The department Chairs meet regularly as the "Council of Chairs" to address matters affecting the operation of the overall residency training program.

2.02 The Dean of the School of Medicine annually appoints a Graduate Medical Education Committee upon the recommendations of the Associate Dean for GME. This committee is composed of Program Directors, faculty members, residents, CEOs from affiliated hospitals, the Assistant and Associate Deans for GME and others selected by the Dean. The Committee monitors the quality of the training programs, makes recommendations and advises the Dean on all aspects of Graduate Medical Education. Section 10 of this Manual provides a more detailed description of the GME Committee.

2.03 The School of Medicine provides the Office of Graduate Medical Education with staff to perform the global administrative functions related to residency training, including compensation of the house staff, management of the resident's fringe benefits (health care coverage, life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance), maintenance of all personnel records and related functions.

2.04 To the extent possible, the School of Medicine, through the Emory University affiliated hospitals, assures the availability of meals for purchase by residents in the hospital cafeterias and snack bars, on-call facilities and support facilities conducive to the residency educational process.

2.05 The School of Medicine designs departmental training programs to meet all applicable board eligibility requirements established by the appropriate certifying examination boards and all requirements set by the appropriate Residency Review Committees (RRCs) from the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

2.06 Board Eligibility. Board certification following graduate medical education is a measure of quality of the program and of the trainee. The School of Medicine expects trainees to commit to becoming board certified upon completion of their training. Residents and fellows are strongly advised to access the specific relevant information from their certifying boards, available via