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Career Planning

Are you headed along the right path to your dream career? 

When you are focused and know your strengths and interests, you can target the specialties and positions that best match your talents and personality. Keep in mind, it's only natural that your dreams and aspirations may change over time. What you think you would like to do on arrival to medical school most commonly changes after your experiences during Applications.  Students have five months during the Discovery Phase to focus on research in an area of their choosing. Changing interests and personal circumstances, may influence your decision-making over time. 

We are here to help.

Your small group advisor may offer career guidance and facilitate networking within and outside Emory. In addition, each department has identified advisors in their specialty to offer assistance and counseling. Even if you aren't sure about whether to meet with a department advisor, we encourage you to take time to explore and consider "informational interviewing" with them.

"Informational interviewing" refers to the process as "trying on jobs to see if they fit you." Informational interviewing is exactly what it sounds like – interviews designed to gather information, ideally information you'll need to assist or refine your career decision-making. The best way to learn what you really want in a career is to talk with the people in that career field.

When you find a career that you love, you add five more days to your "weekends". If you are happy in your career or specialty choice, we are confident that you will develop to be an outstanding clinician or investigator who is a lifelong learner, who provides the highest quality compassionate care, and serves the needs of our communities and the world in the best traditions of our profession.