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Maura George

Maura George, MDName:

Maura George, MD


Undergrad Institution; Degree and Major:

Princeton University, BSE, Mechanical Engineering with certificate in Engineering Biology

Medical School:

Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

In practice since:


Your Specialty:

Internal Medicine

Where and for how many years did you train AFTER medical school:

Emory University—J. Willis Hurst Residency in Internal Medicine; 3 years

How did you choose your specialty?

I researched cell adhesion to microtextured titanium surfaces to improve hip implants as an undergraduate engineer, convinced I would be an orthopedic surgeon.  Quickly into medical school I realized the field wasn't for me.  I thought seriously about pediatrics, especially pediatric oncology.  In my third year I developed a passion for ob/gyn and did an elective sub-I in L&D in addition to my required medicine sub-I.  Although I loved OB, something didn't fit.  Meanwhile, internal medicine kept gently calling, popping up in the back of my mind until finally I realized it was the right field for me.  I felt like myself there, and other people approached patient care the same way I hoped to.  Throughout residency in internal medicine, I thought about different specialties—critical care, ID, heme/onc—but sometimes having that many interests really means you're a generalist at heart.

What do you like MOST, and like LEAST, about your specialty?

  • MOST:  Longitudinal patient relationships, always learning more, having to think and research to solve a question, having time to talk with my patients, the variety of cases, lifestyle
  • LEAST:  Realizing I will NEVER know enough!

Attributes important in choosing this specialty:                 

  • Patience and compassion.
  • Humility—you will never know all of internal medicine.  

Hobbies/special interests:

  • Special interests at work include social medicine, patient advocacy, and medical ethics
  • Hobbies:  Going to the zoo, playground, and library with my two young sons, baseball, travel