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Jonathan "Nathan" M. Flacker

Jonathan Name:

Jonathan "Nathan" M. Flacker, MD, AGSF 


Undergrad Institution; Degree and Major:

Emory University, BA Philosophy/Chemistry

Medical School:

University of Chicago - Pritzker

In practice since:


Your Specialty:

Geriatric Medicine

Where and for how many years did you train AFTER medical school:

  • Residency Internal Medicine/Primary Care- University of Alabama Birmingham (3 years)
  • Fellowship Harvard Division on Aging – (2 1/2 years)

How did you choose your specialty?

I was always close with my grandparents, who were great people and I know all four of them very well.   Like many people I was somewhat randomly assigned to work with someone in medical school, and thought she was great, her job was great, and I wanted to be like her. I always felt my older patients were the most fun and the most interesting.  There is always one or more complex issues going on.  The specialty offers great flexibility in the types and locations of practice. 

What do you like MOST, and like LEAST, about your specialty?

  • Love, love, love my patients… the complexity, the stories, the interactions…all that and more!  Lots of job satisfaction.
  • Lease favorite part - Frustrating lack of resources to help older people and their caregivers. 

In your opinion, what attributes are important in anyone choosing this specialty?

Kindness and empathy go a long way. Good communication skills. Comfort with complexity and with decision making in the absence of clear data. 

Hobbies/special interests:

I love to go to see live music and Atlanta is a great city for that.