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Don Batisky

Don BatiskyName:

Don Batisky


Undergrad Institution; Degree and Major:

Hiram College, B.A., Chemistry 

Medical School:

Medical College of Ohio (University of Toledo School of Medicine)

In practice since:


Your Specialty:

Pediatric Nephrology

Where and for how many years did you train AFTER medical school:

  • Pediatric residency (3 yrs):  Columbus Children's Hospital/The Ohio State University
  • Pediatric Nephrology fellowship (3 yrs):  LeBonheur Children's Medical Center/University of Tennessee, Memphis

How did you choose your specialty?

I entered medical school intending to be an orthopedic surgeon, based on three years of volunteer & shadowing experiences.  I also did some research with the Dept of Orthopedics at my medical school between first and second years.  I loved all of my clinical rotations as a third year, although during that time I was starting to realize that fundamentally I was more a 'medicine type' than a 'surgical type'.  I did Pediatrics blocks 9 & 10 of my third year, and I then finally came to grips with the fact that I was destined to be a pediatrician.

I knew I wanted to stay in academic medicine, so choosing a fellowship was likely to happen.  The content matter within pediatric nephrology was an important consideration (fluid and electrolytes, transplantation immunology), but I also appreciated the blend between acute and chronic care, as well as inpatient and outpatient experiences.  The most compelling factors for me included that I felt that I 'fit in' with the residents and attendings in the field of Pediatrics, and then excellent role models and mentors within Pediatric Nephrology.

What do you like MOST, and like LEAST, about your specialty?

What I like most is that I get to see patients on a longitudinal basis and that I get to practice in an academic setting.  What I like least is the unpredictability of being 'on call'. 

In your opinion, what attributes are important in anyone choosing this specialty?

Key attributes include flexibility and adaptability, willingness to work hard, and having the capacity to work within the context of a team setting.

Hobbies/special interests:

I love to travel, and I enjoy food in many respects – cooking, eating and exploring new things, without being a bit too adventurous like Anthony Bourdain.  I enjoy time outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can on my bicycle.  I enjoy spending time visiting family and friends across the country, and I gain great satisfaction from being a trustee at my undergraduate alma mater.