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Robert Dixon

Robert Dixon, M.D.


Robert Dixon, M.D.


Undergrad Degree: 

Drexel University, B.S. Chemical Engineering

Medical School: 

Temple University

Where and for how many years did you train AFTER medical school?

St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (Temple University) Philadelphia, PA. Three year residency from 1986-1989.

In practice since:



Currently Pediatric Hospital Medicine. I have lots of Outpatient General Pediatric experience.

How did you choose your specialty?

The field was appealing and I most identified with the Pediatricians I met during medical school.

What do you like MOST, and like LEAST, about your specialty?

Most: Watching/helping kids get better. Teaching.

Least: Managing difficult family situations.

Attributes important in choosing this specialty:               

You have to enjoy working with children. It helps to have a bit of patience, since your patients are not always cooperative.  Flexibility is useful: you're treating a broad range of age groups. You have to be comfortable balancing your patients' needs with the needs of his/her parents/families.

Hobbies/ Special Interests:

Running, swimming, travel