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Student Physician Activities

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Emory University School of Medicine
MD Program Outcomes
“Student Physician Activities” (SPAs)


Adopted: December 2013
Updated: October 2017

SPA 1        Take a patient-centered history (focused and complete)

SPA 2        Perform a physical examination (standard and “core and cluster”) and recognize normal and abnormal findings

SPA 3        Demonstrate understanding of relevant scientific principles of medicine

SPA 4        Prioritize a differential diagnosis based on clinical reasoning

SPA 5        Develop a patient care plan

SPA 6        Perform technical procedures

SPA 7        Communicate with patients and their support system regarding their care

SPA 8        Participate in difficult conversations with patients and their families

SPA 9        Document and present patient findings and treatment plans

SPA 10      Explain the scientific principles of medicine as applied to differential diagnoses and patient care plans

SPA 11      Use electronic medical records

SPA 12      Formulate clinical questions and search the literature for evidence that enhances patient care.

SPA 13      Contribute to generalizable medical knowledge

SPA 14      Apply best evidence to the care of individual patients

SPA 15      Recognize and address ethical dilemmas

SPA 16      Protect patient information

SPA 17      Fulfill the unique professional role of a physician in society

SPA 18      Manage time

SPA 19      Be a leader

SPA 20      Use feedback to improve one's own practices

SPA 21      Demonstrate trustworthiness to patients, colleagues, and other healthcare personnel

SPA 22      Treat patients while understanding own biases

SPA 23      Treat patients without regard to personal advantage

SPA 24      Work in interprofessional teams

SPA 25      Identify personal limitations and seek assistance as needed

SPA 26      Teach peers and team members

SPA 27      Serve the community

SPA 28      Contribute to healthcare quality and safety initiatives