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Curriculum Committee

Our Mission:

The Emory School of Medicine Curriculum Committee is responsible for the ongoing monitoring, review, and revision of the four-year medical school program. Comprised of faculty and students, the Curriculum Committee oversees the overall design, management, integration, evaluation, and enhancement of a coherent and coordinated curriculum.

The Curriculum Committee is composed of 11 subcommittees.  The structure emphasizes the identification and delegation of tasks amongst multiple subcommittees and facilitates communication between the subcommittees. As illustrated in the diagram below, the subcommittees are delineated by the four phases of the curriculum and by common tasks of curriculum oversight. Each Curriculum Committee member is assigned to two subcommittees, ensuring that members sit on both a phase and task subcommittee.

Within the Curriculum Committee design, there are three unique subcommittees charged with scrutinizing the educational program from a holistic perspective (Transitions & Integration Subcommittee, Student Subcommittee, and the Executive Committee). Final decision making-power rests with the Executive Committee of the Curriculum Committee, which is composed of 10 voting members (the 8 chairs of the phase and task subcommittees, the chair of the Transitions & Integration Subcommittee, and a student representative).

For further information about the Curriculum Committee, please click on the Subcommittees link on the left menu to understand its specific charge, review agenda items for upcoming meetings, and to read summaries of the meeting minutes.

Information about how we're organized and regulated, read our ByLaws.

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