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The Application Review Process

All completed applications will be reviewed and will remain in review until the end of the interview season (September – February).  We cannot guarantee the timeframe in which your application will be reviewed – only that it will be reviewed thoroughly.  NO COMPLETED APPLICANT WILL BE REJECTED DURING THE INTERVIEW SEASON.  The ONLY decision that is made during this time is the decision to invite for an interview.   If you are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by email or telephone.  

It is extremely critical that you keep your contact information updated with AMCAS during this time.  Please also let the Office of Admissions know if you will be out of the country or unreachable by telephone or email for any period of time during the interview season (September – February).  

A personal interview is required to be considered for acceptance – there are no exceptions.  (Due to the high volume of applications we receive from exceptional candidates each year, it is impossible to interview all qualified applicants.  Consequently, failure to be offered an interview is not an indication that an applicant is unsuited for a medical career.)