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Regularly Scheduled Series

Regularly Scheduled Series Name Location Date/Frequency & Time Contact Person
Anesthesiology CQI Conference Brown Auditorium Monthly, 3rd Thursday Tawanda Browner
Anesthesiology Grand Rounds SOM Auditorium 130 Weekly Tawanda Browner
Anesthesiology Educational Seminars EUHM Weekly Deborah Gutherie
Ambulatory Surgery Anesthesia Mthly Inservice Clinic B - Room BT-209 Weekly Sue Towhey
Anesthesia Monthly Morning Inservice Grady Campus Classroom 6D001 Monthly Deborah Zachery
Anesthesia Morning Conference EUH Brown Auditorium Monthly, 1st Thursday Tawanda Browner
Anethesiology Lecture Series Executive Park Monthly Abbie Brace
Current Topics in Cardiothoracic Anesthesioogy Galvin Room Monthly Tawanda Browner
Dermatology Grand Rounds Brown Auditorium & Winship Ballroom Bimonthly Elsie Sanders
Emergency Medicine Conference Grady, Steiner Bldg Weekly;
except 1st Tuesday of the month
Jacquie Johnson
Ambulatory Care Grand Rounds Grady, FOB Room 123
GYN/OB Grand Rounds at Emory University Midtown Glenn Auditorium, Midtown, Learning Center Weekly, Wednesday,
Claire Hackworth
Cardiology Friday AM Fellows Conference Clinic A - Room 2200 Weekly, Friday Rebekah Hills
Clinical Research in Endocrinology & Metabolism WMRB 301 Weekly, Monday,
Liz Carlino
Clinical Cardiology Research Conference Emory Hospital, Hurst Conference Room, E450 Biweekly, 1st & 3rd Friday,
Nancy Murrah
Echo Conference at EUHM EUHM Cardiology Conf. Room 4.4211A Bimonthly, 2nd & 4th Fridays Angela Schrumpf
Echo Conference at EUH EUH Echo Lab D433 Bimonthly Maria Alexandra(Sandra) Perntez
Nuclear Cardiology/PET Cardiac Quality Conference EUHM Quarterly Phyllis Bips
Nuclear Cardiology/PET Cardiac Grand Rounds EUHM Phyllis Bips
Emory Heart & Vascular Conference Clinic A - Room 2200 Weekly, Monday Rebekah Hills
Epidemiology Grand Rounds CNR Rm 1000

Biweekly, 2nd & 4th Friday
12:00pm - 1:00 pm

Nancy Murrah
Digestive Diseases
Gastroenterology Grand Rounds Emory Clinic B - Calhoun Auditorium Weekly, Monday Tania Davis
Endocrine Conference WMRB, Room 317 Weekly, Monday Liz Carlino
Infectious Diseases
Infectious Disease Seminar Weekly Stacy Johnson
Infectious Disease Case of the Week Weekly Kenya Lenorr
Updates in Vaccinology The Hope Clinic of the Emory Vaccine Center, Decatur Monthly Lyngail Cooper
Pulmonary, Allergy and Critical Care
Pulmonary & Critical Care Grand Rounds 615 Michael Street, Rm 205 Weekly, Tuesday,
Alice Muson-Wood
Renal Medicine
Renal Grand Rounds SOM 170A Bonnie Chappell
Hospice/Palliative Care
Core Hospice & Pallative Med Fellowship Ed Conf Weekly
Schwartz Center Rounds: Hospice & Palliative Medicine Emory University, SOM Bldg
Medical Grand Rounds Emory University Main Auditorium Weekly, Tuesday Kymberly McMillan
Hospital Medicine Grand Rounds Emory University Hospital Monthly Angela Averill
Winship Cancer Institute Grand Rounds WCI, C5012, 5th Floor Conference Room Weekly, Wednesday 7:30am Jackson White
Medical Grand Rounds at Midtown Midtown, Glenn Auditorium Charlotte Pierce
Medical Genetics Grand Rounds Whitehead Auditorium Bimonthly, Every other Monday Rosalynn Blair
Medical Genetics Clinical Conference

2165 N. Decatur Conference Room

Weekly Rosalynn Blair

Rheumatology Grand Rounds

WCI C3018 Weekly, Wednesday Mercemari Toyens-Nieves
Neurology Grand Rounds SOM, Harland Cinema Weekly, Friday Gail Scott
Interdisciplinary Stroke Conference Winship Building B, 2nd Floor, Neurosurgery
Conference Room B2113
Weekly, Wednesday Laura Henriquez
Adult Brain Tumor Board Clinic B - Room 6470 Sherlotti Jackson
Ophthalmology Grand Rounds Emory Eye Care Center. Bldg B, Resources Center, Calhoun Auditorium, Tunnel Level Weekly, Friday,
Terri Trotter
Orthopaedics Surgery Grand Rounds Emory Orthopaedic & Spine Center Weekly Sonya Williams
Orthopaedic-Sarcoma Tumor Conference EUHM-MOT 1 Classroom Weekly, Thursday,
Sports Medicine Journal Club and Symposium Emory Orthopaedic & Spine Center Bimonthly, Every other Friday Nandi Ali
Pathology of Disease EUH Annex - Room N-250 Corey Anderson
Pathology Faculty Grand Rounds EUH Annex - Room N-250 Corey Anderson
Laboratory Resident Conference (CP Noon Conf) EUH Annex - Room N235B Weekly Corey Anderson
Death Investigation Slide Review Fulton County Medical Examiners Office Weekly Corey Anderson
Anatomic Pathology Faculty Conference EUH Brown Auditorium, Clinic A bldg Weekly, Tuesday,
Corey Anderson
Anatomic Pathology Journal Club EUH CG 24/26 Monthly Corey Anderson
Pediatric Grand Rounds at Grady Grady Hospital, Steiner Auditorium Weekly, Thursday,
Joni Lewis
Pediatric Infectious Disease Grand Rounds Emory Children's Center, Room 502 Weekly Karen Pierce
Psychiatry Grand Rounds, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences EUH Auditorium, E205 Every 2 weeks, Wednesday Yamy Belis
Geriatric Psychiatry Fellow's Case Conference

Executive Park Building 12, 3rd Floor, Room 331C


Leslie Mann
Radiology & Imaging Sciences Grand Rounds EUH 2nd Floor Hospital Auditorium Weekly, Wednesday,
Carol Dowdle
Neuroradiology Conference EUH D105 Weekly Angie Graves
Interventional Radiology & Image Guided Medicine Grand Rounds Nursing Annex N-122 Weekly, Thursday,
Denise Fennell
Surgery M&M Conference at Grady Grady Glenn Bldg Weekly, Friday,
Jason Strong
Trauma Conference at Grady Grady Glenn Bldg, Sherman Conference Room 3rd Floor Weekly, Monday Meg Lewis
General Surgery M&M Conference at Midtown Midtown Medical Office Tower, 5th Floor Classroom 4 Weekly, Wednesday,
Carol Perez
Surgical Grand Rounds EUH Auditorium Weekly, Thursday,
Nena Buie
Urology Grand Rounds Winship Building B, 5th Floor Conference Center Weekly Toni Cross
Surgery Morbidity & Mortality Conference at EUH EUH - Room H-122 Weekly Tiffany Adams
Emory Transplant Center Symposium Vicky Webb
Multidisciplinary Liver Tumor Conference Emory University Campus Weekly Vicky Webb
Cardiothoracic Surgery Grand Rounds Midtown MOT 6th Floor Weekly, Thursday,
Peggy Campbell
Clinical Research & Ethics
Ethics Grand Rounds at EUH Quarterly Marjorie Timmer
Ethics Grand Rounds EUHM EUHM Auditorium Quarterly Charlotte Pierce
Mastering Clinical Research: Winship Cancer Institute TEC C5012 Quarterly
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Tumor Board VAMC 508/112TR Weekly, Monday,
Jenise Spil
Echocardiography Conference Cardiology Conf Room 2A166 Monthly, 4th Wednesday at 7:30am Jeanne Dow 
Catherterization Conference Cardiology Conf Room 2A166 Monthly, Thursday at 7:30am Jeanne Dow
Cardiovascular Research Seminar & Journal Room 2A-167 Jeanne Dow 
Orthopaedics Grand Rounds Room 9C-131 Weekly, Wednesday,
Blake Aasgaard
Johns Creek Hospital 
Johns Creek Tumor Board Monthly, 2nd Wednesday Barbara Watkins