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Administrative Appointments

This statement will serve to clarify the policy on administrative appointments within the School of Medicine as approved by the Council of Chairs on November 13, 1981. It refers to the administrative responsibilities of administrators including Deans, Chairs, Division Heads, and others. In policy and practice, an administrator serves at the discretion of his/her immediate supervisor.Deans and Chairs are reappointed to their administrative posts at the beginning of each academic year and Department Chairs should take the initiative to reappoint Division Heads and other administrators within their respective departments annually.Reappointments should be confirmed in writing at the beginning of each academic year. Notice of termination of administrative appointments should be given as far in advance of the termination date as is practical under the circumstances.An individual should not expect to remain indefinitely in an administrative capacity, and continuation of administrative appointments will vary based on the needs of the Department or the School. Any special terms of continuation should be described in the annual letter of reappointment.The Emory University Policy on Compensation of Faculty Leaving Administrative Positions is incorporated herein and states:

Compensation of faculty holding administrative positions is based primarily on the responsibilities of the particular administrative position held and whether the position is full or part time. When a faculty member ceases to hold such an administrative position and is serving solely as faculty, an appropriate salary adjustment will be made. The primary factor for such an adjustment will be the compensation received by other faculty of equivalent rank, experience, and stature in the faculty member's department or school. Effective November 4, 1987. Source: Office of the Provost

Dean's Office
March 21, 1988