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Kathy Griendling, Ph.D.

Associate Dean
Faculty Affairs

Professor and Vice-Chair
Research and Faculty Development, Department of Medicine

Phone: 404-727-3364



Dr. Kathy Griendling was appointed Assistant Dean for Faculty Development in July, 2011. A graduate of Pennsylvania State University and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, she is a vascular biologist renowned for her work on NADPH oxidases and vascular disease. In her capacity as Vice Chair of Research and Faculty Development, she brings both a strong administrative background and deep appreciation of faculty issues to this position. She has held numerous leadership positions nationally and internationally including Chair of the Angiotensin II Gordon Research Conference, Program Chair of the American Heart Association National Meeting, and Associate Editor of Circulation Research and the American Journal of Physiology-Cell Physiology.

Dr. Griendling notes, "I am passionate about creating opportunities for faculty and feel very strongly that supporting the career development of our faculty is essential not only for their own success and job satisfaction, but for the success of the medical center as a whole.”