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Gordon Churchward, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean
Medical Education and Student Affairs

Phone: 404-727-2538


Mailing Address:
3009 Rollins Research Center
1510 Clifton Rd


Gordon Churchward, PhD is a Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and has been involved in graduate and medical student education in a supervisory role for more than twenty years. Currently he spends 50% of his effort serving as Assistant Dean of Medical Education and Student Affairs and his primary responsibility is oversight of the Foundations of Medicine portion of the medical student curriculum. He participated in the design, implementation and ongoing evaluation of the goals and outcomes of the new curriculum, implemented in 2007, in accordance with the educational objectives promulgated by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). He is experienced with the establishment of competencies and outcomes-based curriculum assessment. He chairs the Progress and Promotion Committee for the MI and M2 classes, and plays a major role in student advisement and counseling. He works closely with the Associate Dean for Multicultural Student Affairs in monitoring the progress of and mentoring URM students. He serves as co-Chair of the Executive Curriculum Committee of the School of Medicine, the faculty committee charged with oversight of the curriculum

 In the past he has served as a Director of two Ph.D. Programs: Microbiology and Immunology, when programs at Emory were located within Departments, and Genetics and Molecular Biology as part of the Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences. As Director, he was responsible for the overall administration of the program, setting in place policies and procedures for programmatic activities, evaluation of program faculty, and evaluation of student progress. For eight years, from 1998-2006, he served as Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) for the graduate program in Microbiology and Molecular Biology. This position reported to the Director of the Program. As DGS, he was responsible for advising and mentoring students. During this time, he was active in recruitment efforts targeted towards underserved minorities and made several recruiting trips to HBCUs. He is currently Director of an NIH-funded Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program for URM students seeking to enter Ph.D.-granting programs.