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Junior and Senior Promotions

Junior Promotion Process

Junior promotions (Associate to Sr. Associate, Associate or Sr. Associate to Instructor, Instructor to Assistant Professor) may occur at any point during the year with approval from the division/department and Dean's Office. Faculty looking for additional information should visit the Faculty Development site.

Process and Procedures:

  1. The faculty member's department will create a eHRAF and will attach a letter from the Chair to the Dean and a recent CV in the SOM template.
  2. Upon approval the Dean's office will prepare the promotion letter and send to the appropriate contacts.
  3. The faculty counter-signs and returns the promotion letter to the Dean's office to be added to the file.

Checklist | Guidelines and letter requirements

Additional Information:

Senior Promotion Process

The senior promotion process is a lengthy and detailed process; it is in everyone's interest that faculty succeed. Below you will find the SOM Guidelines on Appointments and Promotions as well as other resources which will be helpful as you prepare faculty promotion packets.Faculty looking for additional information should visit the Faculty Development site.

Process and Procedures:

  1. Recommendation and endorsement for promotion within department (exact process will vary by department).
  2. Approved packets are then submitted to the SOM to begin the review process there. From there it is distributed and reviewed by the Faculty Committee for Appointments and Promotions (FCAP); the next review body is the Council of Chairs (COC). Finally it is sent to the Dean. The Dean will review the recommendations of both FCAP and COC and has the option to override their recommendations.
  3. For Tenure faculty proposals the process continues to the Provost’s Office, University President and lastly to the full Board of Trustees (BOT) for final review and approval.


(These checklist are to be used by administrators submitting the packet. Faculty should refer to their department for specific deadlines.)


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