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Other Faculty Appointments

Secondary/Joint Appointments | Distinguished Appointments | Temporary Appointments | Emeritus Appointments | Administrative Appointments | Adjunct Appointments

Secondary/Joint Appointments

Both of these types of appointments are in addition to one's primary faculty appointment. A secondary appointment is without compensation or other financial support. A faculty member with a joint appointment receives finacial support from both departments.

Guidelines | Checklist

Distinguished Appointments

School of Medicine endowed and other distinguished appointments are reserved for senior faculty with an exemplary record of accomplishment. 


Temporary Appointments

Temporary appointments are not assigned a track. They are limited to a length of one year with the option to extend in increments of up to one year each for a maximum of three years total. The most common temporary appointments are:

Non-ACGME Trainee Appointments: A non-ACGME fellow’s initial temporary appointment may not exceed one year. In the event that the non-ACGME training program exceeds a year, the appointment should be extended for up to one year at a time as many times as necessary.

Checklist | Reappointment checklist

Visiting Faculty and Scholar Appointments: These faculty appointments are intended for individuals who qualify for faculty status and are at Emory temporarily, often while on leave from other institutions. 

Guidelines | Appointment checklist* | Reappointment checklist 
*This form should be used for all temporary appointments with the exception of non-ACGME trainee appointments.

Emeritus Appointments

Faculty members may be considered for Emeritus status upon retirement. One’s Emeritus rank will match the rank at retirement. Emeritus status is not automatic and must be requested through the dean’s office and approved by the Office of the Provost within 6 months of retirement. 

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Administrative Appointments

Administrative appointments formalize an administrative role (e.g., Vice Chair, Director) in addition to one’s faculty appointment and are made and renewed by the chair with dean’s office approval.

Guidelines | Letter template

Adjunct Appointments

These faculty are volunteers and receive no compensation. They are usually involved in some teaching or research activities and may participate in clinical care. Adjunct appointments are limited to two years but can be renewed indefinitely. Please refer to the SOM Guidelines for Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure for futher information. 

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