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New Appointments

New Appointments occur throughout the academic year and are effective upon date of employment. View the process summary or the complete process overview for new appointments. If a track change or assignment to tenure track is requested for a current faculty member, please see the related process. If you are a new faculty member looking for information please visit the Faculty Development site

Faculty Recruitment | Preliminary Packet | Packet Approval | Onboarding

Faculty Recruitment for Approved Position

  1. Determine if search waiver applies to open position via the Office of Equity and Inclusion (OEI). If not, identify search committee for position. They will define the recruitment plan.
  2. Create a BrassRing requisition (via PeopleSoft) for OEI approval. Once approved by OEI, the search will be approved and requisition administrator will be notified.
  3. Interview candidates. Denote status in BrassRing for all candidates in final candidate pool (at least three). Notify OEI of final candidate pool and include detailed explanations as to why finalist was selected and others were not.
  4. OEI must approve finalist before proceeding with offer to candidate.
  5. Once offer is accepted, assemble and submit the faculty preliminary packet for Dean's Office approval.

Preliminary Packet

A preliminary packet is required for new regular and temporary faculty of any rank, reappointments of temporary faculty, transition of temporary faculty to regular faculty (with or without promotion), new and extensions of Visiting Faculty, and employees who are changing their class status (e.g., from postdoc or faculty equivalent to faculty). 

The Department will submit a Preliminary Recruitment Packet to the Dean’s office via BrassRing. New appointments at the senior rank (Associate Professor and Professor) and related Distinguished appointments require additional paperwork, which will be routed separately. 

The packet will include the following:

Packet Approval

  1. SOM Dean’s office reviews and approves preliminary packet, signs FPF, finalizes draft offer letter, attaches documents to requisition, and notifies the department.
  2. Department completes Hire/Transfer form in BrassRing for Dean’s office approval. Hire/Transfer form will include updated SmartKeys with countersigned letter attached.