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Faculty Transcript Request

Transcript Request Form



Why is the School of Medicine collecting faculty transcripts?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) Commission on Colleges requires that all accredited institutions have official transcripts on file for all active faculty. Complying with the accreditation standards of the SACS Commission on Colleges signifies that Emory University (1) has a mission and objective that is applicable to higher education, (2) has the ability to sustain that mission through the use of appropriate programs, resources and services, and (3) remains consistent with the degrees and teachings that are offered. As a component of Emory University, the School of Medicine must comply with this expectation.

Should faculty provide all of their undergraduate and graduate degree transcripts?

No, they need to provide original certified transcript only for the highest degree obtained (terminal degree). If the faculty member is a clinician and has both a PhD and MD degrees, you must collect a transcript that indicates their MD degree.

Is a photocopy of the transcript acceptable?

No, we must obtain original certified terminal degree transcripts. Photocopies are not acceptable.

Is a link to an eTranscript or copy of the eTranscript acceptable?

No, we are required to have on file an original certified transcript, not a link or a copy.

If the faculty member has an opened envelop of their original certified transcript in their possession, can he/she submit it to the School of Medicine?

Yes, if the transcript is an original, they can submit it to the SOM. It must be an original version not a copy.

If the faculty member has a degree from a foreign institution that does not produce transcripts, what document should be obtained?

If the institution does not provide transcripts please obtain an official letter/certificate of completion for the terminal degree. This document should contain a list of courses taken. If the document is in a language other than English, please provide a certified translation. Photocopies of a letter/certificate will not be accepted.

Who can request transcripts?

It is recommended that the faculty member makes the request. The departmental Human Resources Faculty Representative can also request a transcript on their behalf. Faculty are encouraged to use the transcript request form provided on their schools website to avoid any mishaps. However, you may find a generic Transcript Request Form iavailable here. A completed form should be submitted to the department's Human Resources representative. These forms will not be submitted on behalf of SOM.

Must we obtain transcripts for active faculty members that graduated many years ago?

Yes, all active faculty must have original certified transcripts on file regardless of how long ago the highest degree was received.

If the faculty member obtained a terminal degree from Emory, can the School of Medicine request the transcript?

Yes, if graduated from Emory University and hired prior to January 2016, the SOM will obtain the faculty member’s original transcript directly from the Registrar’s office.

How are the costs for requesting a transcript reimbursed?

Please review the alma mater’s website for transcript fees.

To be reimbursed for such fees, the faculty member must submit the original receipt to their Human Resources representative.

Where should faculty members request that their transcripts be sent?

All transcripts should be sent to the following address:

Emory University School of Medicine
Faculty Transcripts
Mailstop: 1020-004-1AJ
100 Woodruff Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322

Click the link for more information about policies and privacy for the release of educational record.

FERPA link

If a faculty member has graduated from one of the schools listed below, they must fill out the form provided in the link by Friday, August 12, and the School of Medicine will submit these forms in a batch request.

School Website
Case Western Reserve University

Duke University

Georgia State University

Use the Transcript Request Form


Johns Hopkins

Medical University of South Carolina

Morehouse School of Medicine

University of Alabama School of Medicine

University of Georgia

University of North Carolina

Vanderbilt University

Yale University

Link to Emory Box for HR Reps/Administrators

HR Representatives may access departmental information regarding transcripts here:

For additional information and questions contact:

Deanna Friday

Robert Torre