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Survey Timeline

Optional: designate writing assignments; otherwise assign them at -2 months.
Months +/- 
Survey Visit
Date Stakeholders Activities
-18 September-14 Secretariat Staff & Dean Establish and confirm survey visit dates.
-18 September-14 Dean Use the Core Survey Personnel Designation Form to appoint the Faculty Accreditation Lead and Staff Visit Coordinator.
-18 September-14 Faculty Accreditation Lead Review the survey steps on SurveyConnect and download current version of DCI.
      Appoint members to the institutional self-study task force.
      Designate task force subcommittees.
      Assign sections of the DCI for completion by appropriate people/groups.
      Designate team of students to conduct the Independent Student Analysis (ISA).
-18 September-14 ISA Task Force Develop questions for student survey.
-17 October-14 ISA Task Force Distribute survey to student body. Note that data from the student survey are needed for completion of the DCI, so the survey should only be open for one month.
-16 November-14 ISA Task Force Compile data and send to Faculty Accreditation Lead for incorporation into DCI.
      Begin analysis of data.
-15 December-14 Faculty Accreditation Lead Distribute completed database sections to the self-study task force and appropriate subcommittees.
-15 December-14 Self-Study Task Force Subcommittees Review and analyze relevant sections of completed DCI and prepare report.
-13 February-15 ISA Task Force Provide final ISA report to Faculty Accreditation Lead for distribution to appropriate self-study task force members.
-12 March-15 Self-Study Task Force Review and analyze subcommittee and ISA reports.
      Prepare the self-study summary report.
Implement changes to correct issues identified in self-study process.
-3 December-15 Faculty Accreditation Lead & Dean Review survey team member roster from LCME staff.
  December-15 Faculty Accreditation Lead Update DCI, DCI Appendix materials and self-study summary report with current information.
      Review materials for consistency and accuracy.
      Submit Database.
  December-15 Survey Team Secretary Upon receipt of database:
      Contact the staff visit coordinator to:
      Request supplemental information (if needed).
      Discuss travel and hotel.
      Coordinate visit logistics, including round-trip daily travel between hotel and school and travel between campus and other sites, as necessary. 
      Contact the faculty accreditation lead to:
      Request supplemental information (if needed).
      Request first draft of visit schedule based on sample survey schedule template. 
      E-mail survey team to:
      Confirm contact information.
      Confirm that team members received DCI
      Provide travel advice.
      Review normative data (private) or normative data (public).
      Offer advice on strategy for reading DCI and drafting report.
      Telephone team chair to establish "ground rules" for chair-secretary collaboration.
-2.5 December-15 Faculty Accreditation Lead Draft visit schedule based on sample survey schedule template; send to Secretary
  December-15 Survey Team Secretary Review potential schedule and contact team chair to discuss preferences.
      Contact faculty fellow and/or other inexperienced team member to provide overview of school visit mechanics and to answer questions.
      Optional: based on database reading, provide school with list of requested faculty and staff for participation during the visit; otherwise let the school suggest participants.
-2 January-16 Survey Team Secretary Designate writing assignments (if not already done at -3 months).
      E-mail survey team:
      Functions and Structure of a Medical School
      Survey Report Guide
      Individual writing assignments
  January-16 Faculty Accreditation Lead Submit first set of bundled updates to survey team.
-1.5 January-16 Survey Team Secretary E-mail survey team to:
      Request travel itineraries.
      Ensure receipt of hotel information from school.
      Secure information about any dietary preferences or requirements.
-1 February-16 Survey Team Secretary E-mail survey team to:
      Identify any supplemental information team would like from the school.
      Request summary of preliminary impressions from the team.
      Request supplementary information from the staff visit coordinator and the faculty accreditation lead, as needed.
  February-16 Faculty Accreditation Lead Submit second set of bundled updates to survey team.
-0.5 February-16 Survey Team Secretary & Survey Team E-mail survey team consolidated summary of preliminary findings; discuss with team as needed. 
      Optional: Telephone conference call with team.
-0.25 February-16 Survey Team Secretary Finalize visit schedule with school.
Survey Visit March-16 Team Chair Survey exit conference. See the Survey Team Exit Conference Statement. All updates to the accreditation package are submitted to the LCME Secretariat using the same procedure used for initial submission of the accreditation package.
    Faculty Accreditation Lead
1 April-16 Survey Team Secretary Send draft survey report to both LCME Secretaries for review. Incorporate edits as needed.
1.5 April-16 Survey Team Secretary Send draft survey report to the dean and to all team members for review.
      Notify dean of process for requesting significant revisions.
      Request feedback from dean in 10 working days.
      Incorporate dean's requested changes as needed.
      Notify dean of the suggested revisions that were incorporated into the report.
      Submit final survey report using the LCME Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT) tool. The final report should include:
      Final report narrative
      All communications TO the dean regarding changes to the report
      All communications FROM the dean regarding changes to the report
      To request a username and password for the SEFT tool, please
2 to 6 May 2016 to September 2016 LCME Issue accreditation decision at next regularly scheduled LCME Meeting.
Within 30 days of LCME meeting TBD Secretariat Send accreditation letter to school officials containing accreditation action, term, and requested follow-up.